An Overview of Major Computer Programming Languages

Getting Started With Major Programming Languages

Computers and the internet are changing everything. The only way not to get left behind in today’s perpetually digitized world is to adapt. Learning to write one of the major computer programming languages is the best way to stay ahead, learn in-demand skills and create the kind of jobs that don’t exist yet. Fortunately, learning to write a program is now easier than before.

An Overview of Major Computer Programming Languages

What’s the best coding language to start with? It depends on the task. Several exist. New programming languages are being invented even as established programming languages are constantly being improved. Knowing where to start can be overwhelming for even the most determined beginner. Start with some of the major computer programming languages and see which one is the best.


For complete beginners to computer programming, Python may be the best language to start learning how to write code. Not only does Python use simple syntax, it’s also easy to read and can be run on all major operating systems. This is ideal, and much of the syntax that drives this programming language is similar to the English language.
Users may find Python’s ability to perform simple automation tasks appealing. Being able to create programs that can perform little tasks like these can boost a new programmer’s confidence and provide the experience to progress toward performing larger, more complex tasks such as connecting to databases and image processing.


Java is a helpful major computer programming language because just about anything can be done once a programmer masters this programming language.
The advantage of Java lies in its ability to handle large quantities of information, primarily when working for a large organization. If beginners are looking for a language with high-performance and predictability of development, this is the programming language to start with.
Apps are becoming increasingly popular as viable businesses, so users interested in creating the next great app can use Java to develop Android apps as well. A large quantity of apps created today utilize Java to create the content that many find essential to their daily lives.


C++ is a suitable major computer programming language for learners interested in optimizing computer performance. With practical applications such as building high-performance software, gaming, and rendering objects in 3D, this programming language can get the job done.
While mastery takes a lot of practice and patience, the rewards of becoming adept in this programming language are numerous. Beginners looking for more of a challenge may find something to pique their interest with this programming language. There are a variety of small projects that can be created using C++ like writing a tiny game engine or making a GUI Framework.


Ruby, like many other major computer programming languages available, can help programmers build any number of things including mobile and desktop apps, games, and web applications. Ruby’s official distribution comes with a command-line interpreter that’s interactive, enabling programmers to quickly test the code that they’ve written. This may be ideal for particularly meticulous programmers of any skill level.
Many well-known and popular websites run using Ruby on Rails framework, so this could be the programming language that gives programmers the edge needed to compete in today’s global job market.

What’s the best major computer programming language to learn? It’s hard to say as some languages are better suited to certain tasks than others. Once a programmer decides what kinds of programs he or she wishes to write, the possibilities will be endless.