Environmental Careers Explained

Popular Environmental Careers

Environmental science focuses on sustainability. All industries need to focus on sanitation and conservation. When you choose an environmental career, you can work in almost any industry.

Environmental Careers Explained

Environmental Health Department

Environmental health workers specialize in food preparation and sanitation. Food service inspectors interact directly with their local community. They are responsible for handling food poisoning reports. If a restaurant has several food poisoning complaints, the department will conduct a thorough sanitation report. The restaurant will reopen when the issue is resolved. Environmental inspectors will also investigate nursing homes and hospitals.

vBusiness Careers in Environmental Services

The environmental health business sector focuses on handling complaints within the community. The workers keep a record of complaints, and they resolve issues by working with other departments. They also issue permits, and they collect fees.

Waste Management and Water

Waste management employees are responsible for the city’s drinking water. The workers inspect the plumbing systems in residential and commercial properties. They limit the community’s exposure to diseases, mosquitoes and vermin. They also investigate unsafe drinking water and cluttered areas.

Geographic Information Systems Specialist

Geographic information systems specialists work for consulting firms, research centers and planning agencies. The workers in this field develop monitoring equipment. They also work as database managers and information systems managers.

Pollution Prevention Specialist

Pollution prevention specialists work in the chemical and engineering industry. They are trained to reuse and recycle waste. The workers in this field organize community meetings, and the local residents approve or disapprove of waste reduction proposals.

Fundraising Specialist

Fundraising specialists work in the nonprofit industry. Fundraising directors write grant requests and manage membership campaigns. The directors must maintain relationships with corporate professionals, and they must work hard to bring attention to the environmental industry.

Urban Planner

Urban planners revitalize outdated structures in cities and towns. They are focused on reducing America’s carbon footprint. Currently, many urban planners are working hard to implement bicycle sharing programs in many cities.

Wind Turbine Fabricator

Wind turbine fabricators design and install large wind machines. The turbines are usually located in fields. The workers must take into account how much wind a location receives before installing a wind turbine.

Solar Photovoltaic Installer

Solar photovoltaic installers assemble, install and maintain solar photovoltaic systems. The solar systems can be placed on roofs. Workers are responsible for measuring and assembling the structural framing. Some workers may also check the electrical current.

Most environmental careers are expected to have rapid growth in the next decade. Currently, there are hundreds of organizations that are working hard to create a more energy efficient world. Environmental careers should always be a trending topic. As the general public becomes more concerned with the environment, there will be a natural shift towards more sustainable ecosystems.