Fine Arts Programs

What Is an Online Fine Arts Program?

There are lots of programs that you didn’t realize could be taught online. One such program is online MFA programs for college students. An MFA degree is a master’s of fine arts. Fine arts is the study of photography, music, dance, composition or theory behind any of those programs. While there are online courses to take, there might also be labs or hands on classes or labs in order to get the correct instruction down.  Some classes would include dance lessons, taking pictures, performing in a class or even sculpting or painting in the presence of the instructor. There may be ways around that, so check with your program before you enroll or make any commitment to pay for it.

Fine Arts Programs

Types of Fine Art Programs

The programs in fine arts range from people who want to become professional photographers to ones who want to perform on Broadway. The people in these classes are usually very artistic and use their hands or their body to express themselves in some way or another. Classes could include modern art, where abstract painting or some type of media is used on a canvas. One could also be a sculptor or a potter, but usually a person studying those disciplines would not need a master’s degree unless they planned on teaching it themselves.

Classes could include tips on taking photographs, the lighting and the setting for portraits or stills. Another class could be on art history or even art appreciation. A student might also study art from a certain period or learn how to appraise art forms to place a value on them. These types of people are hired by museums and insurance companies to evaluate art collections and to place value on collectibles.

Costs for Fine Arts Programs

Typically, costs associated with any fine arts program are usually expensive. And when you throw in there that it is a master’s program, you can expect to pay a few hundred dollars per credit hour to take classes. An online fine arts program may cut down on some of the costs, because you aren’t living on campus and can still hold down your day job. However, you will still pay tuition and for materials that will be needed for your chosen major. A typical semester may cost between $2,000 and $5,000 plus any fees you may incur.