Home Schooling

Home Schooling 101

The last decade has seen a huge rise in the education of students in their own home by their parents. While this has been done for hundreds of years, home schooling became popular again for a myriad of reasons. From violence in public schools to a lack of quality education, free home school choices for parents became a lot easier for them.

Home Schooling

There were new laws and rules created for those who chose to home school their kids. One of the most important was that even though they schooled at home, they would still have to pay taxes to support their local school district. That isn’t important for the students, but the government. There are also different laws between the states on the requirements for curriculum, class time and days spent in teaching.

Home Schooling Information

If you are interested in doing this at home, you should read up on home school information for your specific state. Failure to comply with the rules could land you, the parent who is the teacher in trouble, but it could also jeopardize the education of your child if you do not stick to or exceed the guidelines set forth by the examples.

Another great way to get information is with home school connections, such as other parents who teach from home. There are magazines and newsletters you can subscribe to, some of which come in the mail and others that are sent online. Choose what type you want and if you can afford the subscription fees for them. They are full of useful tips on managing schooling and home life, curriculum ideas and ways to expand your child’s knowledge.

Rules About Home Schooling

As with anything you undertake in regards to children and education, there are rules to follow. You need to have home school work just like you would in a class. If you are ever audited, you would need to provide class outlines and activities. A home school test might also be administered to the children to make sure they are at the level they are supposed to be for their age and grade. Even though your children are being home schooled, they need to be registered in a home school program so you can prove they are getting an education. Since laws were created to protect children from unfair labor in the 1900s, those rules still have to be followed today so that children can be kept tabs on.