How to Hire Recent Grads

Factors to Consider When Hiring Recent Graduates

Some entities want to hire candidates with the most experience in the field; they won’t even look at individuals who have less than 10 or 15 years of working in the business. Other entities, however, are interested in working with those who have recently graduated from programs, whether due to their eagerness to learn or their knowledge of the latest technology. Hiring new graduates for jobs is not exactly the same as hiring a seasoned professional, so businesses should keep some tips in mind.

How to Hire Recent Grads

Clearly Define Requirements

Remembering your own days in college might help you to recollect all of the times that you didn’t follow instructions on assignments. Some college students perpetuate this behavior because they receive only a few points off for failure to adhere to requirements. You want to make sure that this problem does not arise in your workplace. When you are writing job postings targeted toward recent grads, include a clear set of requirements. If you receive an application that does not match all of the requirements, do not proceed any further with this individual.

Tailor the Questions

Right now, you may have a set of questions that you ask candidates before they join the workforce. However, you need to tailor them toward recent graduates. For example, you may generally ask what type of experience candidates have working at this previous companies or why the left. Recent graduates are unlikely to have answers to these questions. Instead, you can ask them about the internships that they explored in college and why they are interested in a career in this particular field.

Post Listings on Free Sites

Chances are that you are posting lists for your open positions online. Students who have recently graduated from college often do not have a great deal of money; they are searching for a job so that they can begin to earn money. While some of them may see paying to view job advertisements as an investment, others are savvy enough to know that if you are seeking recent graduates, you’ll post the positions on free sites. Knowing where to find potential candidates is part of knowing your target audience members.

Know Your Competition

If you are interested in hiring recent college graduates, then other companies are too. When you see these new workers heading to the other jobs over yours, you have to figure out why. The reason might lie in the salary, or the cause may be that candidates are finding a friendlier atmosphere at the other business. Determining what makes the other company more attractive to recent college graduates can help you to increase your own strategies. You can start to incorporate some of the techniques that the other company uses into your own plan for success.

Prepare for Training

No matter how well your new hires did in school, that doesn’t necessarily mean that they have all of the practical skills needed to thrive in the workplace. You might say that they had internships. While plenty of students do obtain internships before they graduate from school, not all of these opportunities offer real experience in the field. Interns, for example, may spend a great deal of time procuring coffee for upper management or filing papers. Even if your company offers real-world experience to interns, that doesn’t mean every other one does.

The decision to hire recent graduates from college to work for you is one that can bring energy and vitality to your company. However, in order to get these people eager to work for your business, you need to make doing so seem like an attract prospect.