Jobs for Accountants

4 Jobs for Accountants

When most people picture an accountant, they imagine someone in a suit seated in an office all day long, filing papers and marking off numbers. But the field of accounting is a diverse, dynamic, and wide-ranging one, and a degree holder in accounting has a number of paths available to them to explore and, very often, to prosper. Here, we will discuss four career options – some of them fairly unique – available to accountants when they complete their degree studies.

Jobs for Accountants

Corporate Entertainment Accountant

The principle duties of this position remain essentially the same. However, a corporate entertainment accountant’s duty is to ensure not only that the bottom line is being met and taxes are being properly prepared and paid on time, but that any last-minute changes, demands, or productions – as happens so often in the entertainment industry – can be handled from the financial angle. They may also assist in, or be responsible for, overseeing production costs and budgets. These accountants may find themselves working in a variety of venues from recording studios to touring theatre acts, managing finance on the road. This position can be an exciting one from an interpersonal perspective, particularly for accounting degree holders who may have studied or completed a specialization in the arts as well.

FBI Agent – Accounting Specialist

Yes, that’s right – an accounting degree holder could work for the FBI. This position involves investigating financial crimes such as embezzlement and fraud, and accountants are an indispensable resource in investigating white-collar crime. Working as an accountant for the FBI may also involve overseeing budgets and costs for specific departments or programs, or even the operating budget as a whole. The salaries for these jobs are fairly competitive, particularly at the management level.

Credit Analysis Manager

This position oversees monies owed to the company they work for. These professionals assist in debt collection and legal actions relating to debt. They are often responsible for tracking accounts that are past due, especially those that have not paid for extended periods of time. They may also oversee the design and implementation of debt repayment plans, and be responsible for communicating with account holders about these repayment plans.

Forensic Accountant

Another position in law enforcement, the forensic accountant investigate discrepancies in accounts in order to determine whether a crime of finance has taken place, like fraud. They may also suggest measures or systems in order to prevent or minimize fraud or embezzlement, and if they uncover evidence of financial crimes, they are often required to testify regarding their findings in court. This field may be ideal for accounting majors who completed either a minor or second degree in law, forensics, or criminal justice.

Certainly, all the usual jobs we imagine accountants doing – bookkeeping, tax auditing, accounts payable and receivable, and so forth – are excellent and usually long-lived positions, and are worth seeking out, whether you are an experienced accountant or a recent graduate. The above positions represent some fairly unique ones in the accounting industry, particularly for candidates who studied other specializations. No matter what your passion is outside of numbers, one of these positions may see it fulfilled.