Journalism Programs

The Popularity of Journalism Programs

Are you the type of person that has a way with words? Do you always capture just the right sentiment to make everyone cry? Are you always the first person to reply with something funny on a social media site? Have you considered writing as your future? Writing is a broad category that contains creative writing and journalism programs in it. Creative writing is for people who write stories, mainly fictional for children and adults. Journalism covers people who write mostly non-fiction items, for newspapers and magazines. Sound interested?

Journalism Programs

Where to Find Journalism Programs

Did you know that journalism is becoming one of the most popular educational programs for people entering college and for those going back for an advanced degree? Journalism can offer the student a wide range of career choices with their future. Where can you study?

One reason why the major is becoming popular is that many online universities are offering it as a program. That means it is flexible for students who can only afford to go to school part time, those with full time jobs and those who are home taking care of children. And with the creation of the blogging world, lots of people have a topic they are passionate and want to write about, so people want to learn how to write their best.

Journalism degrees can be at traditional colleges and universities and also community colleges. You can earn a bachelors or a master’s degree in journalism. The more advanced degrees don’t necessarily earn you more income, just knowledge about how to craft the words to reach a larger audience.

Careers with a Journalism Degree

The first people to come to mind when you think of journalism are the news journalists on TV. They might have a journalism degree, but they might also have a broadcast degree. People who have gone through journalism graduate programs might get picked for news jobs as well, but they would most likely be writing their stories.

Journalists are hired for magazines and newspapers around the globe. Being a journalist could take you in to a war zone to report on it first hand. It could take you on a cruise ship if you are a travel writer. You could eat in the best restaurants if you learned to be a food critic. Journalists can cover a lot of topics and choose from almost anywhere in the world they want to write from.