Levels of Management Identified

Defining management hierarchy and relevant trends

All supervisors, department leaders and c-suite executives monitor the work of employees. They implement strategies for planning, organizing, leading and controlling.

Levels of Management Identified


Levels of Management represents a chain of command and depicts the scope of authority.

Establishment of Goals

The objectives are described as follows.

  • Producing maximum results with little efforts.
  • Optimizing efficiency factors.
  • Creating financial stability for employer and employees.
  • Improving the human experience and advocating social justice.

Three Industry Trends

  1. Organizational structure affects hierarchy and employee experience. The goal is to address employee needs and simultaneously satisfy customers.
  2. Companies who empower their employees with the ability to make decisions create happy workers which leads to exceptional customer service and ultimately increased profits.
  3. Outsourcing of jobs have resulted in a decreased need for direct employee supervision. Freelancers and remote workers act autonomously.

Four Levels of Hierarchy


A supervisor accomplishes objectives by leading staff, organizing work flows and overseeing operations. Critical thinking skills allow him to comprehend complex operations that can be achieved through daily activities while minimizing costs.


  • Assists with onboarding practices, serves as a role model and train employees.
  • Ensures the safety, identify issues in efficiency and suggest improvement.
  • Collects data for budget, schedules expenses and renders corrective action to control costs.

Education and Salary
This position requires at least an associate degree or the equivalent of training and 2 – 5 years’ work experience. Salary – $48,000.

Team Lead – Non-Management

A team lead is an experienced, non-manager who demonstrates expertise with senior-level project management assignments. Even though they provide guidance and direction to a group charged with achieving a specific purpose, they report to a project manager. He has outstanding employee management skills. He also markedly contributes to the growth of the company and consistently achieves financial goals.


  • Develops specific guidelines for projects and monitors client-centered goals, schedules, budgets, etc.
  • Trains employees, delegates responsibility and acts as an influential facilitator.
  • Enforces performance standards and criteria influencing project.

Education and Salary
Most team leads have a college degree. Minimum education includes a high school diploma or equivalent. Strong reading, math and analytical skills. Salary – $35,560.

Middle Management

A manager accomplishes objectives by empowering the staff in a department. Based on his authority to utilize company resources and to make decisions, he plans and evaluates department activities.


  • Recruits, selects and directs onboarding of new employees as well as trains workers and provides job growth opportunities.
  • Maintains professional knowledge, attends workshops and determines benchmarking practices.
  • Defines objectives, forecasts financial requirements and executes strategic goals.
  • Enforces customer service criteria, analyzes results, identifies trends and makes recommendations.

Education and Salary
A bachelor’s degree and 5 – 7 years’ experience is required. Some managers have a graduate degree. Salary – $94,945.

Officer – Top Management – Senior Executive

An officer is a person who upholds leadership and management principles to govern an entire organization. Positions include chief operating officer (COO), etc. President and vice president are also included. They report to the Board of Directors.


  • Oversees the work of staff and implements the vision of company.
  • Acts as a spokesperson.
  • Drafts policies, approves expenditures and prepares budget for the approval by the Board.
  • Participates in fundraising and ensures company complies with legislation.

Education and Salary
A bachelor degree or MBA is required with 10 years’ experience. Salary – $101,650.

Today the use of teams, technology and the flattening of organizational structures has affected the levels of management. A proactive approach will help you stay abreast of industry trends.