Nursing Programs

Types of Nursing Programs

Believe it or not, there are several different degrees one can get when it comes to learning the art of nursing. And nursing is an art, because not only do you need to have a solid education of medical terms and technology, but you have to have a genuine care about people and dealing with their issues. Nursing programs take in to account all of the traits that a successful nurse needs and implements them in to their classes and programs.

Nursing Programs

Nursing Schools

Depending on the type of nursing degree or program you want to study will determine what kind of school you go to. There is an RN school for those who want to become registered nurses. There are also programs for those who only want to become an LPN, or a licensed practical nurse. The difference between the two is that an RN typically goes through four years of education while an LPN only has two. An RN is able to dispense of certain medication and perform certain procedures that an LPN is not able to do. There is also a pay scale difference because of the educational difference between the two.

Many traditional colleges will have an RN degree program in their school. There are still some hospitals that even have their own school within the hospital. Sometimes those schools are reserved for nurses who have completed training and are looking to have training in a specialty. Some specialties would be working in the burn unit, being a flight nurse, having trauma certification and even being a nurse mid-wife. There are lots of branches where a nurse can choose to work.

Careers for Nurses

It seems obvious that a nurse would work in a hospital or in a doctor’s office. But did you know there are also online nursing jobs available? With the world becoming more global, there are companies and websites that are hiring nurses to monitor online websites and forums and be available to answer questions 24/7. The company could be a pharmaceutical or an insurance company. It could also be an answering service for a large doctor’s office. Medical questions don’t just come up during the day time hours, so having nurses available through online sources is giving companies a good reputation with consumers and customers of their product. Nurses can also answer phoned in questions on any type of health question.