Online Degrees in Criminal Justice

Get a Degrees in Criminal Justice Online

Finding an online accredited degree in criminal justice can be a challenge, particularly with the ocean of for-profit schools that have emerged in the past decade – not to mention the tens of thousands of students who went away dissatisfied or unable to find a job upon completion of their program. However, there are a variety of degree programs in criminal justice that are solid and reputable, and can potentially lead to an established career in criminal justice. Here, we will discuss some of the best colleges at which you can earn an online criminal justice degree.

Online Degrees in Criminal Justice

UMass Lowell

UMass Lowell’s online criminal justice degree precisely matches the curriculum it serves to traditional students. All of its instructors practice actively in the field, and in addition, there’s no internship requirement. UMass Lowell offers both bachelor’s and advanced degrees through the doctoral level, as well as continuing education in the field. The bachelor’s and master’s degrees can be earned one hundred percent online. UMass Lowell has an excellent academic reputation, and the UMass system offers excellent scholarship opportunities for accomplished students.

Florida State University

FSU enjoys very good academic reputation, and in addition to offering their bachelor’s degree in criminology, it offers in-state tuition to all students – whether Florida residents or not – who enroll in the online program. They also offer a joint program in which students can earn state police credentials while they pursue their degree. FSU’s cost is among the lowest of the universities listed here, and so may be an especially good option for disadvantaged students and single parents.

Washington State University

This university offers a comprehensive online criminal justice degree that prepares students for the field from the local to national level. Its somewhat intensive program requires fulfillment of WSU’s core liberal arts and sciences courses, in addition to six core areas of study, electives, and research in the area of criminal justice. WSU’s criminal justice program is also good preparation for students planning to attend law school or undergo federal agent training.

University of Colorado at Denver

This well-known state university not only offers an excellent program in criminal justice, but provides students with the opportunity to choose a specialization: law enforcement, corrections, juvenile justice, pre-law, and victim services. They also offer an accelerated master’s degree program in which a student can earn their bachelor’s and master’s degree in five years instead of the usual six. In addition, CU Denver offers students study abroad and internship opportunities, and students may choose to mix traditional classes with online courses.

Regardless of what region of the country you’re from, each of these schools offers excellent instruction at the hands of experts, solid academic reputations, and preparation for either a career in criminal justice or related fields. No matter where in the nation you reside, or what your background is, one of these universities may have the online degree you’re looking for – and with so many study options available, completing a bachelor’s or a master’s degree in criminal justice may not at all be far out of reach.