Online Teaching Degrees

What You Need to Know About Getting a Teaching Degree Online

If you have ever dreamed of becoming a teacher, you will be surprised at the amount of online teacher education programs that are available to help you obtain your teaching degree from home. You can trust that you will have a great job outlook in the future because the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that teaching jobs are due to increase by 12% by the year 2022.

Online Teaching Degrees

Obtaining your teaching degree is a wise time investment that will enhance your career and provide new job opportunities for you in the future. Some of the best programs to get your teaching degree are offered through online programs of accredited colleges or through extensions of accredited brick and mortar schools that now offer online programs to students all over the country.

In order to get your degree, you will need to complete a wide range of coursework that includes learning about different types of instructional strategies, multiculturalism, pedagogy, and basic human development. Teaching programs also require students to study educational technology and communication principles so that they can become well-rounded teachers that will be able to communicate with a wide variety of students.

The National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE) is the nation’s organization for accredited teachers that dictates the standards for teacher education programs and individual licensure. You can review the options available to obtain in-depth teaching education that ranges from undergraduate to graduate classes that are based on your prior experience and career ambitions.

Online colleges provide the best programs for aspiring teachers, depending on what they want to teach because they offer accountability and convenience for students. Before you can enter a teaching degree program, you will need to decide what grade levels or subjects you want to teach.

The most important time investment that you can make will be researching the best programs offered to get your degree or even a teaching certificate. Accredited online colleges like Kaplan University, Western Governors University, Liberty University, and other colleges in different states across the United States can provide great opportunities to fulfill your educational requirements.

During and after your educational studies, you need to take Praxis tests that are administered by the Educational Testing Service to prove your proficiency in liberal arts that begins your journey of building your educational and teaching credentials. The test is broken into two parts to quiz your reading, math, and writing skills, with the Praxis 1 test taken before your education and the Praxis 2 taken at the completion of your educational program.

An important time investment that will be required to gain your teaching degree will be working under the supervision of a licensed teacher through an accredited internship. When this step is finished, you are then prompted to comply with state requirements on getting a teaching license.

When your degree program and internship are completed and you have passed both Praxis tests, the next step is submitting your credentials to the licensing authority in your state of choice. You need to meet every specification your state requires in your desired field of study to teach any grade, whether it be kindergarten or even college students.

Once all these steps are finished, the time you put into preparing for your education and future career will seem completely worth it. The education and training that you gained from years of hard work will fulfill all requirements necessary to hold your very own teaching license.

Obtaining your teaching license allows you to teach students what they need to know and help make an impact on their lives. For most teachers, entering this field is rewarding and a dream true.