Special Needs Students

What are Special Needs Students?

Since the world has become a more politically correct place, there have been a lot of new terms bandied about with regards to certain types of people. For example, special education students are now called special needs students. They do have special needs when it comes to their education, and determining those needs is done by the school. Sometimes those needs are addressed by a special education teacher and at other times there is a team of professionals who handle the needs of the special education students.

Special Needs Students

Determining Special Needs

Many special needs students are classified that way because they have various learning difficulties, either because of a physical or a mental handicap. The teachers and specialists in education will determine exactly what the disability is and work on ways to educate the child despite the handicap. Often times a child with special needs will require one on one attention.

Special needs can be assessed through a group of tests. The test could be based on their reading skills, comprehension levels or ability to handle certain tasks and following directions. There isn’t a right or a wrong answer for them, but how they perform something. How they perform something could lead the person conducting the test on how to best work around their disability or impairment. The approach to learning might just need to be altered or they might need a specialist to come in and teach them.

Special Education Laws

There are lots of rules when it comes to dealing with students classified as needing special education. In order to understand all of the laws, there is a company that deals specifically with getting them organized and published for people to understand. Wrights law special education website focuses on laws for special education students, no matter what their disability is and what grade they are in. There is information for students, parents and educators alike.

Special education records are kept sealed and are considered highly confidential information. The information is only allowed to be seen by parents, therapists with permission and doctors. The information is hidden because of confidentiality and so the student doesn’t get picked on by other students in the school. The laws are meant to help the student and not hinder their education. The website also points out what the penalties are if any of those rules or laws gets broken in the process.