Types of Textbooks

One of the biggest costs for college is one you might not have anticipated. $200 for two English textbooks? The cost for certain books can be staggering, not because they have outstanding information in them, but because they are thick, brand new and come from a big name publisher with a lot of overhead costs. There are semesters that if you have a full load of classes, you could expect to pay $500 or more for one semester’s worth of textbooks!


Textbook Prices

The price of textbooks isn’t meant to make college students poor. Even though it does, OK, maybe it isn’t that bad, they are expensive for a few reasons. The publisher has a lot of outstanding costs to produce the book, for one. They are paying the expert in the subject to write the book, they hire an editor, a formatter, a designer to lay it out, the printer and then the printing costs itself. Paper prices have increased dramatically, which costs to the price of the book too. Hard backed books will always cost more than paper backed books, because the material and the manner in which the cover is created in more expensive.

How to Find Cheap Textbooks

When you are going off to classes, you don’t have to worry about spending a fortune first. If you can get the titles of the books ahead of time, you can search online at used bookstores or even auction sites to get books. There are a lot of people who would like to get something for that book, so they are willing to part with it for a cheaper price. Plus, they might have notes written in it which could help you out.

Check around on the auction sites and make sure you have the title, the author and the correct edition of the book at your disposal. An older version of the book might be really cheap, but if it isn’t the right version, it won’t do you any good. The books have different versions because instead of doing a whole new book, they only revise parts of it and bring it up to date. Revising a book is a lot cheaper than rewriting it from scratch, whether you believe it or not. You could also sell your books for a price, if you can part with the notebook pictures you drew when you were bored.