How to Find Qualified Tutors

Week after week, your child that has usually excelled in school seems to be having problems. The grades are slipping lower and the comments in red seem to be growing. They say they are doing just fine, but they also seem frustrated and upset by the turn of events. For children going through elementary school or even high school, running in to a subject that isn’t so easy to master is very upsetting. And for a student who is used to getting good grades, a lower than normal grade might be devastating to them. It might be time to look for tutors.


Before you run out and hire an expensive tutor, talk to your child’s teacher. Do they think there are learning difficulties present or is it just a tough topic for them? If it is a learning disability, the school district can provide evaluation and help. If it is struggling in a subject, then you are on your own.

Paying for Tutors

Depending on where you look, tutors can be very expensive. There are learning centers that advertise how high they can get your child’s grades and how soon, but they never advertise the price with it. Before you agree to any type of tutoring, get the price sheet and get exactly what it is they are offering to you. If you fall in to a low income bracket or live in a certain school district, you might have even more options than just hiring a private tutor.

Options for Tutoring a Child

There are sometimes high school students who can be a free tutor to your child in return for Honor Society hours or service work. Check with the local high school guidance office and see what they can turn up for you. Other times, your school might have an agreement with a company or a government grant for online tutoring for free to the students. If this is the case, take advantage of it and see what they can do for your child. It might be worth it to have the free tutoring even if your child has good grades. They might learn something new or get a tip on studying that they wouldn’t have before. When it comes to your child’s education, take advantage of everything that is at your disposal and use it to your advantage to further their education…for less.