What Can I Do with a Psychology Degree?

Think A Psychology Degree Isn’t A Good Career Choice? Think Again.

Students interested in helping people deal with emotional issues have a myriad of career opportunities in psychology. People use psychology every day as they meander through life. Psychology majors can use what they’ve learned to understand and guide individuals and groups alone or in groups.

What Can I Do with a Psychology Degree?

Possible Careers

There are many careers that can fall under a psychologist description. Child psychologists treat children who have suffered an emotional trauma or simply need to discuss situations such as bullying, fighting, poor grades, attention deficits or other emotional issues. They are in private practice, but are also employed largely in schools and hospitals.

Psychologists work:

  • treating children and families
  • as school counselors for behavior and emotional disorder and detection
  • referral to psychiatrist to determine organic cause of disruptive behavior or the need for medication for mental illness
  • to aid in determining emotional and physical safety of each child at home
  • to assist in detection drug abuse or violent tendencies in school
  • to work as intermediaries to obtain intervention and medical help for drug abuse and violent behavior
  • to help determine irrational emotional behavior and its causes in children
  • to listen to and counsel children for problems with learning or bullying
  • to help determine if speech therapy is needed
  • to assist in counseling for eating disorders
  • to simply have another trustworthy adult to confide in
  • as guidance counselors to direct students in college choices and career counseling

Law enforcement is another area where psychology education is an absolute necessity. Correction officers work in jails with convicted criminals with histories of varying degrees of severity. Law enforcement personnel are often the first responders at accidents and other incidents involving severe mental and physical trauma. Dealing with individuals under these conditions are difficult.

  • jobs of law enforcement or forensic psychologist
  • ability to question individuals under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs
  • questions suspects and witnesses regarding crime scenes and evidence
  • works as or with detectives who put together motive and ability to commit crime
  • resolve conflicts in jails (correction) and on the streets
  • assist and coordinate help for motor vehicle accidents and natural disasters

Human resource departments of any major workplace hires individuals to interview potential employees. Psychology majors often fare well in this line of work as they can often detect aspects of behavior that may favor or disfavor a potential candidate.

  • corporate psychology needs
  • human resources hiring and firing with discretion
  • psychological counseling for employees
  • detection and assistance for substance abuse
  • employee orientation
  • review employer policies and benefits and policies for termination


Psychology in healthcare can provide counsel to patients undergoing emotional issues or crises. In the healthcare field, social workers are essential to transitioning patients from hospital to home and setting them up with physical therapy or other intermediary help at home. Social workers can also:

  • Help coordinate medical care in hospital and home
  • work to assist those in need of medical help or intervention for abuse cases
  • provide assistance to obtain psychological or psychiatric help
  • provide accompaniment to medical appointments


Careers in sports for psychologists is not something that people might think go together. Sporting teams and coaches need to be supportive of one another on and off their field of play. Many opportunities to utilize psychology in sports is evident:

  • learning to work together on the field carries over later in life
  • boosts morale and optimism
  • coaching requires tenacity, judgment, and fairness
  • helps players deal with defeat, loss and rejection

There are virtually endless uses to use a psychology degree or background in any field of work.